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Rev. Larry Jackson



Larry Jackson is the owner and part-time driver of Jackson Travel and Tours, LLC. He has worked in the meat packing industry driving trucks and supervising and is now a motorcoach driver, owner, and operator.  Mr. Jackson is also a pastor at Old Field Baptist Church, Mullins, SC.  Mr. Jackson is a hard worker who cares for people and community.

Contact Information:


Business Phone: 843-665-4054

Dispatch: 843-245-1519



3514 East Effingham Hwy

Effingham, SC  29541

Larry Michael Jackson


Larry Michael Jackson is the son of Larry Jackson and is one of the logistics manager and driver.

Geanette Jackson

Chief Financial Officer/Planner/Bookkeeper

Geanette Jackson is the loving wife of Larry D. Jackson. As you can see, we are a family-oriented business!  Mrs. Jackson is a retired educator who has spent more than 45 years teaching, influencing and shaping young minds.  She is also a skilled and gifted musician and vocalist.

With JT&T, Mrs. Jackson helps plan and coordinate excursions for our customers. She is also the financial officer and helps oversee operations and administration with Larry D. Jackson. 

Mr. Keith Reed

Expert Driver/Chaffeur/Trainer

Mr. Keith Reed is an experienced, veteran driver who has traveled across the country for more than 30 years. His expertise and knowledge on the roads, buses, and group management plays a vital role in our operations. He is also our lead bus trainer.

Mr. Gilbert Burgess

Driver/Maintenance Director/Supervisor

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